Join us for a Revolution from the Heart of Nature!
For 25 years, the National Bioneers Conference has connected thousands of people with practical, visionary solutions for humanity's most pressing environmental and social challenges.

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Whether you’re a community activist or organizer, environmentalist, social justice advocate, business or civic leader, educator or student—or simply a person who wants to ensure a sustainable and just future for all—at the Bioneers Conference you can:

  • Explore breakthrough ideas and practices in electrifying keynote talks, panels and participatory workshops, often featuring “the greatest people you’ve never heard of” from a wide range of fields.    

  • Network with dynamic change-makers from across the country or from your neck of the woods and cultivate important professional and personal relationships.    

  • Discover powerful opportunities and strategies for creating resilience and transformation in your work, life and community.   

  • Celebrate the rising tide of positive change cresting around the country and world, rooted in values of justice, equity, diversity, democracy and peace.    


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