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Family Fair


Saturday and Sunday October 22 and 23, 10AM-4PM
 At the Marin Center Exhibit Hall

Come learn from some of the country’s top nature-inspired education masters and have fun exploring a wide array of experiential education activities.

  • Guided nature walks exploring ways to mimic nature’s perfect order and raise ecological awareness with the Coastal Redwood Biomimicry Network and Vida Verde.
  • Hands-on education activities including a touch tank with tide pool animals like sea stars, sea cucumbers, hermit crabs and whelk snails hosted by Aquarium of the Bay.
  • Learn about animal tracks and make your own animal track molds with Vilda Nature.
  • Learn about the flora and fauna and unique ecosystem of China Camp State Park with Bethanie Gilbert.
  • Create endangered species art with Phoebe Ackely of WEAD (Women’s Eco Artist’s Dialog).
  • Have fun and increase your water literacy with the creations of Christina Bertea including riding the “Bucketing Bronco.”
  • Make otter art and learn about The River Otter Project.
  • Work with a hands on glacier model that shows the challenges and design opportunities of melting ice, created by Lauren Elder.
  • See live owls from the Hungry Owl Project.
  • Have your face painted by “honeybee” Nutmeg Baker.
  • Examine species of taxidermy birds and learn how their beaks are adapted to what they eat, with Sachiko Erin Matsumoto and Cindy Hsu.
  • Meet WildCare’s rescued wild animals and learn more about these remarkable critters.


Or purchase a Tandem ticket shared by 2 adults and attend the Bioneers conference while the kids and one adult attend the Family Fair. The Bioneers Conference is a Family Friendly event. Family Fair activities are free to the public, but do not include access to other regular conference keynotes, panels and workshops.

Select Family Fair Tandem Ticket at checkout.

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