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Call of the Forest-The Forgotten Wisdom Of Trees | 7:00 pm

This documentary features scientist/author Diana Beresford-Kroeger as she investigates our profound biological and spiritual connection to forests and explores the science, folklore, and restoration challenges of this essential ecosystem. She shares the amazing stories behind the history and legacy of ancient forests, while also exploring the science of trees and the irreplaceable roles they play in protecting and feeding the planet. (85 minutes) Introduced by the Producer.


Evolution of Organic | 8:45 pm

How did a motley crew of back-to- the-landers, spiritual seekers and farmers’ children reject chemical industrial farming, discover effective alternatives and transform the way we grow and eat food? This great new film by award-winning director Mark Kitchell (whose opus includes Berkeley in the Sixties and A Fierce Green Fire) is the story of organic agriculture, told by those who built the movement. Introduced by Mark Kitchell. (82 minutes)




Curse of the Monkey God | 7:00 pm

This sneak peek advanced “work-in-progress” cut of award-winning documentary producer/director Bill Benenson’s new film chronicles an extraordinary and dangerous expedition into the Mosquitia jungle of Honduras that used LIDAR laser technology-generated data to locate the site of a legendary pre-colonial city. They found it! The film (2018) is generating enormous buzz and is the subject of a best-selling book, The Lost City of the Monkey God, by New Yorker writer Doug Preston. A longtime bioneer, Bill, will introduce the film. (100minutes)


Searching for Gold Spot -The Wild After Wildfire | 8:45 pm

This beautiful short documentary by director/writer/biologist Maya Khosla tracks the efforts of scientist Chad Hanson (Director, John Muir Project of Earth Island Institute), senior biologist Tonja Chi, and other scientists as they rigorously study the resurrection of forests after fires, the bird life in post-burn ecosystems and the crucial importance of wildfires in the Sierra Nevada. Introduced by Director Maya Khosla. (31 minutes)


F R E E (a film about the Destiny Arts Youth Performance Company | 9:30 pm

This documentary by David Collier and Suzanne LaFetra follows five teens through a year in Oakland’s acclaimed Destiny Arts Youth Performance Company. The film is an intimate look at these teens’ journey, revealing how collaborative art can be a foundation for personal discovery, change and hope. Introduced by Suzanne LaFetra, Director/Producer; Sara Needham, Co-Producer; and Sarah Crowell, Executive Director of Destiny Arts. (56 minutes)

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