Community of Mentors Office Hours with Luisah Teish

The Community of Mentors Program gives youth (ages 23 and under) the opportunity to meet in a small group interactive mentoring session with a Bioneers presenter who will share his life experience as an innovator providing insight to help youth overcome challenges and advance their sustainability and social justice work. Luisah Teish, an initiated elder (Iyanifa) and chieftain in the Ifa/Orisha tradition of the West African Diaspora, is an artist-activist, performer, teacher, spiritual guidance counselor, and author. Limited Space – pre-registration in Youth Unity Center recommended.

Location: Tiburon Room

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Wiser Together Café: Creating Tomorrow Together, Gathering Collective Wisdom to Turn Vision into Action

The Café provides hospitable space for group dialogues, integration of and reflection on what emerges at the conference, and building personal and professional partnerships. With: David Shaw, Common Ground Center, UCSC; Dana Pearlman, The Lotus, Global Leadership Lab.

Location: World Cafe

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Council. The World We Want & How We Get There: Cultivating Presence—When the Heart Speaks, The World Listens

There is widespread understanding and despair that humanity is overexploiting the Earth’s natural systems, and an increasing recognition that we are only beginning to experience the consequences. It has been said that no amount of logic and reason will be able to guide us through the unprecedented times ahead, that only our hearts will prove adequate. The inner life, guidance, deep listening and “the quiet, still voice within” may prove some of our most resilient assets as we seek answers. Join with fellow Bioneers to share your knowledge, wisdom and life experience as we explore these assets, share vision and our aspirations for the world we want, and how we might get there. With Ilarion Merculieff, Aleut traditional messenger; Sharon Shay Sloan, council trainer and community steward. Bioneers of all ages strongly invited to attend. (Interactive, experiential)

Location: Council Circle

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Ruthless Compassion, Penetrating Honesty, Fierce Ally-Ship

Join J. Miakoda Taylor, Founding Director of Fierce Allies, in an emotionally and socially strategic transcendence of obstacles to power-sharing across difference. Embody a safe learning environment that supports a life-long journey for having difficult conversations that work.

Location: Everyone’s Everywoman’s Leadership Tent

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Youth Leadership: Community of Mentors Peer-to-Peer Council

Facilitated by Lauren Dalberth Hage and Dave Hage of Weaving Earth. Join your peers to explore your Bioneers experience.

Youth Leadership

Location: Youth Unity Center

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Walking Your Talk in the World: Exploring Embodied Transformation

Come discover the patterns that “walk us,” harvest your natural knowing, and embody your goals for global renewal. With Suki Munsell. (Interactive, experiential)

Location: Meet at Sun Stage

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Indigenous Forum | Indigenous Women on the North-South Frontlines of Earth Protection (I)

(Double session). This indigenous North-South cultural exchange builds bridges and solidarity among North-South indigenous people and their allies. Courageous indigenous leader Patricia Gualinga (Kichwa) from the Ecuadorian Amazon joins Amazon Watch and Pachamama Alliance with an urgent report from the rainforest front lines where indigenous women are stepping into leadership to defend the rights of Mother Earth (Pachamama) and their peoples, and to protect the Amazon from oil concessions.

Indigenous Forum

Location: Indigenous Forum Tent

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Your Brain On Water

Hosted by marine biologist Wallace "J." Nichols, research associate, California Academy of Sciences; co-founder,; author of Blue Mind. New ways of understanding our relationship with the world's oceans and the ability of healthy waters to provide health, happiness and creativity will be considered by a panel of athletes, scientists, artists, and adventurers. With: Kevin Weiner, Post-doctoral fellow, Stanford University and Director of public communication, Institute for Applied Neuroscience; Nik Sawe, Doctoral Candidate, Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources, Stanford University; and Andi Wong, Teaching Artist, Rooftop Alternative K-8 School.

Location: Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium (VMA)

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Gender, Sexual Health and Culture Change

How might new and ancient understandings about gender from diverse cultural and generational perspectives inform our cultural reinvention? How is sexual health key to the vitality and resilience of our societies and all people? Hosted by Lana Holmes, co-founder, Timeless Earth Wisdom, Inc. With: Pat McCabe (Woman Stands Shining), Dine (Navajo) artist/activist; Jhos Singer, a transgender Maggid (Jewish preacher) serving Jewish community centers in San Francisco and Half Moon Bay; Erin Konsmo, Media Arts Justice and Projects Coordinator, Native Youth Sexual Health Network; and Sonj Basha, an Oakland-based activist working to ensure the inclusion of gender non-conforming and transgender identities in institutions of higher education.

Location: Santa Rosa Room

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Labeling GMOs: Lessons Learned and Next Steps

GMO labeling initiatives in California and Washington State lost narrowly because a powerful alliance of Big Ag and Big Food spent millions to confuse the public. Find out how you can join the national campaign for your “Right to Know.” Hosted by Arty Mangan, Bioneers Food and Farming Director. With: John Roulac, founder/CEO, Nutiva; Stacy Malkan, a leader of the California and Washington GMO labeling campaigns; Gopal Dayaneni, Movement Generation Planning Committee Member.

Location: Sausalito Room

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