The Role of “Heroic” Learning Communities in the Postmodern Era

Join author and educator Richard Tarnas and elder change-maker, Buddhist scholar and Deep Ecology progenitor Joanna Macy for this radical exploration of Heroic Learning Communities and their unique role at this critical moment in the evolution of human civilization and our relationship to nature, each other and ourselves.

Facilitated Dialogue at the Networking Center—Dreaming Bioneers

Bioneers celebrates our 25tth anniversary in 2014. What should our goals be in the crucial years ahead? Come connect, network, and share your insights.

Facilitated Dialogue at the Networking Center—Reimagining Education

How do we re-imagine and redesign systems of learning to respond to our escalating challenges and real needs? Come connect, network, and share your insights. 

Indigenous Forum: Youth and Indigenous Leader Talking Circle


Mixers and networking opportunities


Disruptive Financing Innovations for Distributed Energy and Sustainability

With: Billy Parish, co-founder and President of the solar energy platform Solar Mosaic; Marco Krapels, Executive Vice President, Rabobank, NA; Angelina Galiteva, founder and Board President, Renewables 100 Policy Institute.

Conversation Café


Council: Weaving the Fabric of Community

With: Sharon Shay Sloan and Ilarion Merculieff


Generation Waking Up: Building A Movement For Systemic Change

An interactive, multimedia program exploring the game-changing role of today's young generation, connecting the dots between environmental sustainability, social justice, and human thriving. We will walk away with a deeper sense of individual and collective purpose as we build bridges across movements to create systemic change. With, from Generation Waking Up: Joshua Gorman, founder; Barbara Jefferson and Hanni Hanson, trainers and coordinators; and Cherine Badawi, curriculum coordinator.

Gender Reconciliation: Breakthrough in Healing Gender-Based Violence

With: Will Keepin, Ph.D. and Rev. Cynthia Brix, Co-Directors of the Satyana Institute and Gender Reconciliation International.