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Yoga & Movement

Yoga Sessions with Laurel van den Cline of Sol Yoga Studios

Start the day by getting your blood flowing and your mind centered so you can be at your peak to connect, learn and share, or reboot your energy for the afternoon with lunchtime yoga.

Class schedule:
Friday: 7:30-8:20am; 1:20-2:10pm
Saturday:7:30-8:20am; 1:20-2:10pm
Sunday: 7:30-8:20am; 1:20-2:10pm
Location: The Island Bring your yoga mat.


A weekend at Bioneers is deeply stimulating, but even the most positive and creative consideration of the world’s challenges can get overwhelming.

We’re working with local yoga and movement teachers who will create space for you to relax, recharge and make the most of your conference experience.

All classes will be held outdoors in view of the wetlands surrounding the conference grounds. (In case of much-needed rain, the class will be indoors in the Exhibit Hall.)

All conference attendees are welcome to attend any or all yoga and movement classes with presentation of your badge. No other sign-up is required.

IMPORTANT: Please bring your yoga mat with you!