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2017 National Bioneers Conference Youth Leadership Program


Join the Youth Leadership Program at the 2017 National Bioneers Conference at
The Marin Civic Center in San Rafael, California!


“Before Bioneers I thought that I was incapable of accomplishing anything great, I had no inspiration, which in turn gave me no drive. Now I have never been so inspired and ready to help others and the environment. My creativity is at an all time high.”
– Graham Holton, Truckee CA

The Bioneers Youth Leadership Program is a life-transforming opportunity for young leaders and activists to learn, further develop leadership skills, build alliances, and strengthen the capacity and connection among youth and elders focused on environmental, social justice and food systems work. The Youth Leadership Program is a parallel program that occurs within the annual National Bioneers Conference where youth are encouraged—though not limited—to attend relevant, interactive youth-led workshops and activities.


“It is miraculous to be in a space with beings vibrating in similar ways as myself, to be heard and felt and recognized gives me courage to be my true self and spread that truth. Bioneers was a reassurance that I am not crazy or alone in my perceptions and concerns for this world! The love and truth I received at Bioneers lives through me and outward.”
– Ameyali de la Rosa

As former Youth Leadership Program Director Kristin Rothballer said, “Youth are now defined by ecological crises in a way that past generations have not been.” The challenges are formidable indeed, but we are grateful to nurture, mentor and support the education and leadership of our youth as they carry forward the long struggle for building just and resilient communities.”

If you’re a young person age 13-23 and you’re committed to creating positive social and environmental change in the world, then you are primed to join us for the National Bioneers Conference and experience the Youth Leadership Program!

Interested in applying for a Youth Scholarship? Click Here

Here are some of the 2016 conference highlights

2017 Youth Leadership Program

Youth Keynotes
Youth-Led Workshops


Youth Leadership Keynote | Karina Gonzales
This Brower Youth Award winner was a dynamic student leader for Fossil Free Northern Arizona University, the only divestment campaign in Arizona.

Soil for Life | Earth Guardians
Capturing carbon from the atmosphere in soil can not only benefit plant growth and the fertility of the land, but it can be a major tool in the effort to mitigate climate change. Innovative farmers and ranchers are developing best practices that can be adapted to community landscapes and home gardens. In this hands-on workshop co-produced by Earth Guardians we’ll roll up our sleeves and learn how we can play a role in capturing carbon in our own backyards, schoolyards, or local parks.

Culinary Wellness Concert | DJ Cavem & Alkemia Earth
In this unique interactive “Eco Hip Hop” performance/healthy foods workshop, we’ll explore plant-based nutrition, self-love, transformation, gardening, and sustainability with Denver’s extraordinary “conscious rappers,” raw vegan chefs, healers, organic gardeners, and educators—DJ Cavem and Alkemia Earth.


Youth Leadership Keynote | Naelyn Pike
This luminous 17-year-old Chiricahua Apache change-maker from San Carlos, AZ, co-leads the Apache Stronghold group to defend her people’s sacred sites, tribal sovereignty, culture and language.

How Young Entrepreneurs Can Help Lead Social Change | aManda Greene, Kelly Elizabeth Ortega & Trang Tran
Two young Bay Area social entrepreneurs share their experiences turning their passion into a community-benefiting enterprise and show us how we too can take what makes us feel most alive and turn it into our own personal business models to make a positive impact on our communities while making a profit. The just and sustainable future we know is possible needs us all to step fully into our passion and purpose.  Facilitated by Trang Tran, aManda Greene and Kelly Elizabeth Ortega of Youth Impact Hub Oakland.

Poetry Slam—Words Matter | Xiuhtezcatl Martinez
In this beloved, always thrilling yearly event, now a Bioneers tradition, young poets share their original work in a dynamic, supportive environment. Hosted by renowned hip-hop artist and activist Xiuhtezcatl Martinez.


Open Mic
Bring your stories, songs, poems, issues, jokes and ideas to share. This is your chance to take the stage and be heard.

Closure and Reflection | Ernesto Reyes
To close out the conference in a meaningful way, we gather to process the emotions, ideas and inspirations that arose during the conference to help us bring what we have learned back to our communities. Facilitated by Ernesto Reyes, Bioneers Youth Leadership Program Manager.

2017 Youth-Oriented Projects and Activities
  • Orientation: Thursday night before the conference, meet other young change-makers who will be attending Bioneers and join a mentoring team where you will share, process and explore your Bioneers experience during the conference with your peers and an experienced mentor from Weaving Earth. A healthy, delicious dinner will be served.
  • Community of Mentors: Connect with Bioneers leaders across diverse disciplines, issues and backgrounds. This is a rare opportunity for youth to sit in a small interactive session with a Bioneers’ luminary to have your questions answered regarding the development of your personal leadership.
  • Youth of Color Caucus: What is the role of youth of color in the environmental movement?  Explore the connection between social justice and environmental crisis. Facilitated by Brandi Mack.
  • LGBTQ Caucus: A safe space to be with allies and share issues that pertain to your community in an open discussion. Facilitated by Kristin Rothballer
  • Youth Performances: Open Mic, Poetry Slam, Trashion Show and more.
  • Community Mandala:  Join Aaron Ableman of Pacha’s Pajamas and Erika Minkowsky in creating a large-scale community art piece with seeds, flowers, gourds and shells.

The Youth Leadership Program has been working for over 17 years to inspire, connect and provide resources to youth who are committed to making the world a better place. Last year we had almost 500 youth, of those almost half were youth of color and of those over 90 were Indigenous youth. The diversity extends to all levels of experience and engagement, individuals and groups, giving young aspiring change-makers the opportunity to add to their tool kit, develop relationships, expand their network and move forward on their path with new strength and purpose.

Sound like you or someone you know? Join us!

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We are pleased to offer deeply discounted student and educator rate tickets. Additional scholarships are available for students or groups with financial need. For more information, contact

If you are recognized as a member of an American Indian, Alaska Native or global Indigenous community, click YES to apply for the Native Youth Scholarship
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Welcome to Bioneers! Thank you for visiting our site! We are really excited that you are interested in the Bioneers community. When you sign up for our mailing list, you will receive 15% off of up to 2 tickets to the Bioneers conference and be entered into a raffle for 2 free tickets to the conference. Winners to be announced July 15th. Hope to see you at the conference!
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