30th Anniversary Bioneers Open Mic Dinner Bash

This year in honor of Bioneers’ 30th annual conference, our Saturday Night Dinner will be different from the customary Awards Ceremony. We’re going to provide an open mic for you the Bioneers community to testify! You can tell a short story or express your own experience of what Bioneers has meant to you and your work.

The one condition is that we’re going to be fierce about keeping your testimony short (2 minutes max) so that others can also lift their voices. We’ll aim to allow about 45 minutes total, unless you insist on more. We’re going to film and edit it for everyone who can’t be there, so coming to the dinner means you agree to be filmed and we can share it publicly later.

As always, the food will be delicious and memorable. As always, the company will be inspiring and rowdy. As always, we are so very, very grateful to each of your for taking part in this amazing journey and bringing Bioneers to where this community is today.

It will be a high time – a moment to express our gratitude for all Bioneers has meant to us. Whatever else may be going on in this crazy world, we will celebrate the love, joy and friendship that are the beating heart of this free-range Bioneers community. Together, we will send a pulse of light out into the world and have a blast doing it. As always…

The Dinner always sells out, so register immediately.

Ballroom, Embassy Suites

October 19th | 7:30 pm to 10:00 pm



Bioneers 2019 Conference - Seeding the Field: Growing Transformative Movements