“Brazil is Back, but…”—The Lula Administration’s First 100 Days: What Is the Situation Regarding Human Rights and Amazon Protections?

Presented in collaboration with Amazon Watch

After narrowly defeating the rightwing extremist Jair Bolsonaro last year, Lula da Silva began his third presidential term by reaffirming Brazilian democracy, the rule of law, and reinstating critical socio-environmental protections to reverse the Amazonian catastrophe unleashed by his predecessor. Despite these very positive steps, Lula’s administration faces a myriad of challenges as entrenched interests work to undermine its agenda. What does this scenario portend for the future of the world’s largest rainforest? Moderated by Leila Salazar-López, Executive Director, Amazon Watch. With: Christian Poirier, Program Director, Amazon Watch; Indigenous youth activist and media maker Eric Terena (aka DJ Eric Marky); Priscila Tapajowara (Tapajó I Brazil) an Amazon-born Indigenous rights and climate activist, photographer and documentary filmmaker; Ana Paula Vargas, Brazil Program Director at Amazon Watch.

Magnes Museum

April 7th | 4:45 pm to 6:00 pm


Leila Salazar-López
Executive Director
Amazon Watch
Christian Poirier
Program Director
Amazon Watch
Eric Terena
Midia India
Priscila Tapajowara
Indigenous Rights and Climate Activist
Ana Paula Vargas
Brazil Program Director
Amazon Watch
Bioneers 2023 Conference
Bioneers 2023 Conference - Revolution from the Heart of Nature
Bioneers 2023 Conference - Revolution from the Heart of Nature