Bioneers 2024 Conference

Claudia Peña – Abolition as Amends to Mother

Introduction by entrepreneur/activist Azita Ardakani

Like so many of our other industries, the enormous mass incarceration system has wreaked havoc on our society. Our desire for punishment, and the profits made by the incarceration of millions of human beings, consequences be damned, lead to the destruction of the social fabric of countless communities in the short term, and contribute to the ravaging of the larger global environment in the longer term. Our only path forward is to make amends with the land, water and air, one harmful industry at a time, including abolition of the prison industrial complex as we know it. 

Zellerbach Hall


March 29th | 11:20 am to 11:42 am


Claudia Peña
For Freedoms & Center for Justice at UCLA

Introduced by

Azita Ardakani
Activist and Entrepreneur