Bioneers 2024 Conference

Exploring the Psychological Dimensions of Climate Change 

Hosted by CIIS and the Climate Psychology Certificate Program

As climate impacts are increasingly felt on the ground in communities around the world, our collective mental health is also being deeply affected. Integrating work and perspectives from the emerging field of Climate Psychology, this session will use a broad lens to look at the emotional impact of climate change on our personal and collective well-being, nested within societal, spiritual, and ecological contexts. We will come at the subject from a range of perspectives including: emotional correlates of climate distress, emotionally intelligent climate curriculum, moving through grief and eco-anxiety, climate-informed trauma therapy, supporting frontline communities, movement/activists’ well-being and more.  Moderated by Eva Jahn, co-founder of the Climate Emotional Resilience Institute.  With: Leslie Davenport, CIIS Climate Psychology Lead Faculty; Adrián Villaseñor-Galarza, Founder, Bio-alchemy Institute; Theopia Jackson, Chair, Humanistic Psychology at Saybrook University.

Crystal Ballroom, Hotel Shattuck Plaza


March 29th | 3:00 pm to 4:15 pm


Eva Jahn
Climate Emotional Resilience Institute
Leslie Davenport
Author, Professor, Climate Psychology Consultant
Adrián Villaseñor
Core Faculty, East West Psychology Department
California Institute of Integral Studies
Theopia Jackson
Chair, Department of Humanistic Clinical Psychology
Saybrook University