Bioneers 2024 Conference

Coexistence with Wild Animals: New Frontiers in Wildlife Conservation

Hosted by the Wildlife Conservation Network (a nonprofit dedicated to helping wildlife and people coexist and thrive).

We share our planet with many other animals, including some especially beautiful and captivating wildlife species, and tragically, our own species is taking up more and more space and consuming an ever-increasing share of the biosphere’s resources, so many wild animals are facing unprecedented challenges. Protecting these incredible creatures is a difficult and fascinating job, one that requires as many of us as possible to become engaged and support conservation efforts around the world. In this session, some leading experts in the field will share their insights, experiences and remarkable stories about their efforts to safeguard wildlife and wild places, and tell us how we can be more involved in this critically important work. Hosted by Paul Thomson, Senior Director of Conservation Programs, Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN). With: large-carnivore ecologist and a fellow with the National Geographic Society, Rae Wynn-Grant; Neal Sharma, California Wildlife Program, WCN; ; Zoliswa Nhleko, Ph.D., a wildlife ecologist and Senior Programs Manager at WCN.

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March 30th | 3:00 pm to 4:15 pm


Rae Wynn-Grant
Wildlife Ecologist and Conservation Biologist
University of California at Santa Barbara + Host of Wild Kingdom
Zoliswa Nhleko
Senior Programs Manager
Wildlife Conservation Network
Neal Sharma
California Wildlife Program
Wildlife Conservation Network
Paul Thomson
Senior Director of Conservation Programs
Wildlife Conservation Network