Community of Mentors with Nina Simons

Bioneers is inherently a community of mentors—people eager to learn, share, explore and create together. The “Community of Mentors” space at Bioneers is an intergenerational container that offers youth the opportunity to be in small group mentoring sessions with Bioneers presenters. The presenters will share their life experience in an interactive dialogue with youth who are seeking guidance on their path to activism. We are honored to open the Community of Mentors this year with Nina Simons, Bioneers co-founder, author, activist, speaker and thought leader dedicated to women’s leadership and empowerment. Facilitated by Dave Hage, justine epstein and Sam Burris-DeBoskey of Weaving Earth. 

Conference Room in Magnes Museum

April 6th | 3:00 pm to 4:15 pm


Nina Simons
Co-Founder and Chief Relationship Strategist
Dave Hage
Weaving Earth Center for Relational Education
justine epstein
Ancestors & Money coaching cohort
Sam Burris-Debosky
Village Farm at Stanley
Bioneers 2023 Conference
Bioneers 2023 Conference - Revolution from the Heart of Nature
Bioneers 2023 Conference - Revolution from the Heart of Nature