Bioneers 2024 Conference

Corrina Gould – Rematriation: Indigenous Women’s Work to Recover, Remember and Heal

Introduction by Cara Romero, Director of Bioneers’ Indigeneity Program

Returning to open this year’s conference, one of the leading figures in the East Bay Indigenous community and a longtime activist for First People’s rights and the protection of land and waters globally, Corrina Gould, will focus on the concept and practice of “Rematriation,” which involves reclaiming traditional land and sacred sites to help rebuild traditional cultures and heal the deep wounds inflicted by colonization and genocide and also prioritizes the unique role women play in that enormous undertaking.   

Zellerbach Hall


March 28th | 9:24 am to 9:46 am


Corrina Gould
Co-Founder and Lead Organizer
Sogorea Te’ Land Trust

Introduced by

Cara Romero
Indigeneity Program Director