Designing for Inclusive, Thriving Resilience in a Complex, Emergent World

Transitioning to Resilience; Much has been said about the need for Resilience. But there’s little clear understanding about the down-to-Earth means for making our transition(s) – from recognizing what’s changing (why, where, when & at what pace); to re-designing our mindsets (individually & collectively); to re-inventing our reality(s) (environmentally, socially and, then, economically). In the wake of the devastating fires of 2017, business, social and government leaders in Sonoma County grappled with just such an issue/opportunity – and came out aligned. They’re now stepping into implementing, as a collaborative network, their transition. Join our panelists as they share with you both their aspirations for an inclusive, equitable, thriving and resilient Sonoma as well as the story of how they’re getting there – exploring with you the emerging “how to” for transitioning your own world(s). Hosted by R. Scott Spann. With: Lisa Carreno, Oscar Chavez, Reno Keoni Franklin, Trathen Heckman, Lisa Micheli.

Santa Rosa Room

October 20th | 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm



Scott Spann
Founder & Strategist
Innate Strategies
Lisa Carreno
United Way of the Wine Country
Oscar Chavez
Assistant Director
Sonoma County Human Services Department
Reno Keoni Franklin
Chairman Emeritus
Kashia Band of Pomo
Trathen Heckman
Daily Acts
Lisa Micheli
CEO and President
Pepperwood Foundation
Bioneers 2019 Conference - Seeding the Field: Growing Transformative Movements