Bioneers 2024 Conference

Dolores Huerta – Organizing for Justice

Introduction by Film Producer, Writer and Director Peter Bratt

Dolores Huerta, now 93 and still going strong, is a genuine living legend, one of the most influential labor activists in U.S. history as well as a foundational leader of the Chicano civil rights movement. Huerta’s 7 decades of activism have included co-founding the world-renowned United Farm Workers’ Union with César Chávez, leading major strikes and consumer boycotts, negotiating contracts, and tirelessly advocating for safer working conditions (including the elimination of harmful pesticides) and for unemployment and healthcare benefits for agricultural workers. Today she will draw from her decades of experience to share her thoughts on the critical importance of organizing unions in all sectors of the economy to fight for a fairer society, and on how to build more unity between labor, social, racial, gender, and climate justice movements.

Zellerbach Hall


March 28th | 10:05 am to 10:27 am


Dolores Huerta
President and Founder
Dolores Huerta Foundation

Introduced by

Peter Bratt
Film Producer, Writer and Director