Domestic Peace-Building using Living Room Conversations

It is long past time for us to work effectively on critical climate, justice and economic issues, but agreement that something is an urgent need does not necessarily lead to effective action, as our handling of COVID-19, healthcare, racial justice and the economic crisis sadly illustrate. Although we need to develop the capacity to effectively address complex challenges, how can we do so when we are so intensely polarized on so many issues? Somehow, we have to come together and share ideas with a belief in each other’s good will and intelligence, even if we have disagreements. Facilitated by Joan Blades, co-founder of,, and, and Brialle Ringer, a holistic health coach and award-winning Social Work scholar and racial equity activist, this session will be an open-source effort to build respectful connections across ideological, cultural and party lines. We will gain skills for engaging in peace-building with friends, family and in our community. Because our ability to live with and care for people who hold different views has diminished over the last many year, come discover how meaningful, structured conversations across differences, in person or by video, can help us overcome our current system’s socio-political paralysis.

December 13th | 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm

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Joan Blades
Brialle Ringer

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