Panel: Human-Plant Relationships in the Anthropocene

Although humanity is radically and rapidly degrading the biosphere, condemning countless plant and animal species to extinction, simultaneously there has been an enormous renewal of interest in certain plants as physical and psycho-spiritual healing agents, such as ayahuasca and cannabis, along with a great deal of remarkable new research into plants’ perceptual and cognitive abilities. This panel of botanical luminaries will share their perspectives on: the growing global fascination with certain plant species and what their embrace tells us about the current zeitgeist; what we can do to help support the land protection and human rights struggles of Indigenous peoples in biodiversity hot spots globally who are the custodians of the world’s greatest plant knowledge; and related topics. With host Mark Plotkin, renowned ethnobotanist, and award winning eco-activist, co-founder of the Amazon Conservation Team and bestselling author of such texts as: Tales of a Shaman’s Apprentice and Medicine Quest: In Search of Nature’s Healing Secrets; Karyemaitre Aliffe, MD, physician-scientist, leading expert on the healing properties of cannabis, who has taught at Harvard and Stanford and has 35+ years’ experience in natural products research, including explorations in many remote regions globally; +TBA.

December 13th | 12:30 pm to 1:45 pm



Karyemaitre Aliffe
Executive Officer
Mark Plotkin
Co-Founder and President
Amazon Conservation Team
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