Bioneers 2024 Conference

Indigenous Forum – Listening to Elders

Unlike “American” culture which fetishizes youth, most traditional cultures deeply honor the wisdom that comes with age and experience. Elders play treasured roles in their communities passing on knowledge, values and practices that keep tribal members healthy in mind, body and spirit. This historic panel features a discussion among four elders who have not only led their own tribes, but are highly influential in broader public conversations about healing, democracy, human land and water rights, and much more. They are cross-cultural bridgers, whose stories have shaped the course of history and will continue for generations to come. Join us to hear from some of the most inspirational elders we know. Featuring Jeanette Armstrong, Casey Camp-Horinek, Oren Lyons and Marlowe Sam. Moderated by Alexis Bunten.

Berkeley Ballroom, Residence Inn

March 29th | 3:00 pm to 4:15 pm


Casey Camp-Horinek
Environmental Ambassador, Elder and Hereditary Drumkeeper
Ponca Tribe of Oklahoma
Oren Lyons
Member Chief
Onondaga Council of Chiefs and the Grand Council of the Iroquois Confederacy
Jeannette Armstrong
Enowkin Centre
Marlowe Sam
Adjunct Professor in Indigenous Studies
UBC Okanagan
Alexis Bunten
Co-Director, Indigeneity Program
Bioneers 2024 Conference - Revolution from the Heart of Nature
Bioneers 2024 Conference - Revolution from the Heart of Nature