Bioneers 2024 Conference

Interactive Session – Moving through Despair and Grief to Connection, Action and Passion

Using the practices of “the Work That Reconnects” in Education, Community and Faith-Based Settings

In this interactive workshop for environmental Educators and Community and Faith-Based leaders working with youth at the intersection of social justice, environmental degradation and advocacy, several leading educators and facilitators in “the Work That Reconnects” (WTR) will share strategies to help youth, emerging adults and others move from despair and grief around environmental breakdown, climate change and social injustice to community connection, engaged action and “Active Hope.” Participants will gain experience with and resources for integrating the Work That Reconnects into their own work. With: Constance Washburn, Co-Director of the Spiral Journey Work That Reconnects Facilitator Development Program; Mutima Imani, Co- Director of Spiral Journey, Coach and Healer at the Urban Healing Temple, and Heidi Honegger Rogers, Associate Professor, University of New Mexico.

Skillful Means Center, Dharma College


March 30th | 4:45 pm to 6:00 pm


Mutima Imani
Spiral Journey International Facilitation Development Program
Heidi Honegger Rogers
Associate Professor
University of New Mexico College of Nursing
Constance Washburn
Spiral Journey Work That Reconnects Facilitator Development Program