Bioneers 2024 Conference

Interactive Session –The Warm Data Lab

Addressing the immense ecological crisis facing us requires that we learn to think, speak, and take action in ways that reflect how natural systems actually work. Come discover the Warm Data Lab, a practice developed by Nora Bateson that seeks to nudge us away from sterile, habitual patterns of thinking and speaking into far more genuinely “ecological” modes of perception, cognition and communication. The Warm Data approach asserts that we need a new language that’s alive, responsive, in-play with living processes, one that permits us to perceive that we are embedded in “nests of relationships,” constantly co-learning and co-evolving with all beings. With: Nora Bateson, founder, The International Bateson Institute and Warm Data Labs, Fellow, Lindisfarne Foundation, author, film-maker, and lecturer; Rex Weyler: co-founder, Greenpeace International, founder, Hollyhock Educational Institute, ecologist, author, and journalist.

Skillful Means Center, Dharma College


March 30th | 3:00 pm to 4:15 pm


Nora Bateson
International Bateson Institute
Rex Weyler
Greenpeace International and Hollyhock Educational Institute