Kim Stanley Robinson – What I’ve Learned since The Ministry for the Future Came Out in 2020 

In our opinion, Kim Stanley Robinson is our greatest living science fiction writer. His more than 20 award-winning books over four decades, translated into some 26 languages, have included many highly influential, international bestselling tomes that brilliantly explore in a wide range of ways the great eco, economic and socio-political crises facing our species, yet nothing had prepared him for the global explosion of interest in his visionary 2020 novel, Ministry for the Future, which projects how a possible climate-disrupted future might unfold and how the world might respond meaningfully. It’s also chock full of brilliant science and wildy imaginative ways humanity steps up. Among other results, he was invited by the UN to speak at COP-26 in Glasgow. Stan will offer us his overview of where we currently stand in relation to the climate crisis.

April 7th | 12:33 pm to 12:55 pm


Kim Stanley Robinson
Science Fiction Author
Bioneers 2023 Conference
Bioneers 2023 Conference - Revolution from the Heart of Nature
Bioneers 2023 Conference - Revolution from the Heart of Nature