Panel: Dreaming Transformative Justice: An Intergenerational Dialogue

Movements for transformative justice and abolition have much to teach us about how to heal from harm and violence and rebuild communities grounded in liberation, justice, care and accountability. These movements have long-held visions of a world where each person and community have the basic rights of health, dignity, safety and belonging, without relying on oppressive state systems and punitive justice. They invite us to imagine what is possible when people can self-determine what justice feels like in their own communities, and practice how to build care, accountability, healing and repair on the individual, interpersonal and collective level. In our current moment, people of all ages are lifting up these movements as we all continue to reckon with some of the broken and violent systems of our society. The work to heal these wounds is not new. There is a rich and deep-rooted social ecosystem upon which new life is growing and iterating.      

How can the emerging visions and lessons learned support intergenerational collaborations and young movement leaders in their work today? How can the dreams and lived practices of these movements orient all of us towards more agency and healing in our own lives and the work that we do? What insights can these movements offer us in meeting the current moment of reckoning and rebuilding as well as guide us through uncertain futures? Hosted by Liz Kennedy, Communications Director and Research Fellow at Lead to Life. With: Cory Greene, Co-Founder and Healing Justice Coordinator for How Our Lives Link Altogether (H.O.L.L.A.); Jadyn Fauconier-Herry, a recent graduate of New York University, where she earned her BA in Social and Cultural Analysis; Olka Baldeh, Communications Manager for the Essie Justice Group.

December 6th | 12:30 pm to 1:45 pm

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Cory Greene
Co-Founder and Healing Justice Organizer
How Our Lives link Altogether (H.O.L.L.A.)
Olka Baldeh
Communications Manager
Essie Justice Group
Liz Kennedy
Communications Director and Research Fellow
Lead to Life
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Bioneers 2020 Conference - Beyond the Great Unraveling: Weaving the World Anew