Bioneers 2024 Conference

Richmond CA’s Groundbreaking Progress on Access, Resiliency, Mobility, and Policy

Richmond, CA, has been the site of exemplary progressive community organizing and political mobilization these past few years, and it is home to a number of groundbreaking projects, and some exciting new initiatives on the horizon include: a 10-acre farm and resiliency center in North Richmond; California’s First ADA accessible community garden on the Richmond Greenway; innovative approaches to getting youth access into higher education; radically boosted cycling infrastructure; and much more. Come hear from local Richmond activists and leaders as they share stories, best practices, and fresh perspectives on what building a genuinely progressive community looks and feels like. Hosted by Adam Boisvert, Deputy Director and Director of Education Programs at Urban Tilth. With Najari Smith, Executive Director at RICH City Rides; Arleide Santos, Community Organizer at Urban Tilth; Anselmo Ramirez, co-founder, Moving Forward; Chito Floriano, Director of Farm and Gardens at Urban Tilth.

The Marsh Theater


March 30th | 3:00 pm to 4:15 pm


Adam Boisvert
Urban Tilth
Deputy Director
Najari Smith
Executive Director
RICH City Rides
Anselmo Ramirez
Moving Forward
Chito Floriano
Director of Farm and Gardens
Urban Tilth
Arleide Santos
Community Organizer
Urban Tilth