Round Table—The Green New Deal: A Visionary Exploration

The Green New Deal is an idea whose time has finally come. But what will it really take to build the enduring structures, institutions and global cooperation that actually reconcile the core contradictions between markets and the public good, between dignified work and robots, between the laws of nature and principles of social and justice and economic democracy? A radical free-range jam among thought leaders and doers. Hosted by Greg Watson, Shumacher Institute for New Economics. With: Paul Hawken, Project Drawdown; Vien Truong, former ED of Green For All; David Orr, State of American Democracy Project.

October 18th | 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm



Greg Watson
Director of Policy and Systems Design
Schumacher Center for a New Economics
Paul Hawken
Project Drawdown
David Orr
Oberlin College
Vien Truong

Truong & Associates
Bioneers 2019 Conference - Seeding the Field: Growing Transformative Movements