Bioneers 2024 Conference

Cooper Quintin

Senior Staff Technologist | Electronic Frontier Foundation

Cooper Quintin

Cooper Quintin, a security researcher and senior public interest technologist with the Electronic Frontier Foundation Threat Lab and a board member of Open Archive, has worked on projects including Privacy Badger, Canary Watch, and the analysis of state-sponsored malware campaigns such as Dark Caracal. He has given talks about security research at prestigious security conferences including Black Hat, DEFCON, Enigma, and ReCon and has been published or quoted in a wide range of publications including The New York Times, Reuters, NPR, CNN, and Al Jazeera. Cooper has given security trainings for activists, nonprofit workers, and vulnerable populations around the world.

Panel Presentations:

How to Fight for a Fair and Free Digital Landscape

March 28th | 3:00 pm to 4:15 pm