Bioneers 2024 Conference

Jennifer Browdy

Professor of Writing and Media Arts | Bard College/Simon’s Rock

Jennifer Browdy

Jennifer Browdy Ph.D. is a professor of writing and media arts at Bard College/Simon’s Rock and the global Bard Open Society University Network. She is the publisher of Green Fire Press and co-host of the online writers’ community, Birth Your Truest Story. Her award-winning books include: Purposeful Memoir as a Quest for a Thriving Future, The Elemental Journey of Purposeful Memoir, and What I Forgot …And Why I Remembered. She publishes two Substack newsletters: Writing to Right the World and The Spirit of Education.

Panel Presentations:

Interactive Session – Purposeful Memoir as a Quest for a Thriving Future

March 29th | 3:00 pm to 4:15 pm