Bioneers 2023 Conference


Speakers at Bioneers 2023

Keynote Speakers – Thursday, April 6th

Jade Begay
Director of Policy and Advocacy
NDN Collective
Laura Flanders
Host and Executive Producer
The Laura Flanders Show
Shane Gero
National Geographic Explorer and Founder
The Dominica Sperm Whale Project
Amara Ifeji
Director of Policy
Maine Environmental Education Association
Saru Jayaraman
One Fair Wage

Keynote Speakers – Friday, April 7th

Ilana Cohen
Lead Organizer
Fossil Fuel Divest Harvard
Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal
Congressional Progressive Caucus
Kim Stanley Robinson
Science Fiction Author
Leah Stokes
Anton Vonk Associate Professor of Environmental Politics
University of California, Santa Barbara
Bryant Terry
Chef, Educator & Author
John Warner
Green Chemistry

Keynote Speakers- Saturday, April 8th

john a. powell
Othering and Belonging Institute
Danny Kennedy
New Energy Nexus
Joanna Macy
Teacher and Author
Yuria Celidwen
Senior Fellow
Other & Belonging Institute at UC Berkeley
Rebecca Solnit
Author & Journalist

Panel and Interactive Speakers

Nikola Alexandre
Co-Creator & Stewardship Lead
Shelterwood Collective
Emnet Almedom
Other & Belonging Institute at UC Berkeley
Noor Almusahwi
Immigrant Advocate
Michael Amster
Director of the Pain Management Department
Santa Cruz Community Health
Alfredo Angulo
Environmental Justice Organizer
Rising Appalachia
Internationally Touring Appalachian and World Folk Ensemble
Alondra Aragon
Program Associate and Co-Lead of Communications and Social Media Teams
I Am Why
Azita Ardakani
Philanthropist / Impact Investor
Yvette Arellano
Founder and Director
Fenceline Watch
Alka Arora
Associate Professor of Women, Gender, Spirituality, and Social Justice
California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS)
Sonali Sangeeta Balajee
Our Bodhi Project
Jason Bayani
Artistic Director
Kearny Street Workshop
Howard Besser
UC Berkeley’s Program for Anti-Authoritarianism and Social Movements
Bette Billiot
Community Organizer
Adam Boisvert
Deputy Director
Urban Tilth
Martin Bourque
Executive Director
Ecology Center
Cynthia Brix
Gender Equity and Reconciliation International
Callie Broaddus
Reserva: The Youth Land Trust
Taylor Brorby
Fellow in Environmental Humanities and Environmental Justice
Tanner Humanities Center at the University of Utah
Nazshonnii Brown-Almaweri
Intercultural Conversations Program Manager
Alexis Bunten
Co-Director, Indigeneity Program
Aniya Butler
Lead Circle Member
Youth vs Apocalypse
Orion Camero
Action Lead Program Manager
Narrative Initiative
Anneke Campbell
Writer and Community Activist
Amy Cannon
Executive Director
Beyond Benign
Erin Matariki Carr
Project Lead
Caroline Casey
Visionary Activist Astrologer
Coyote Network News
Shilpi Chhotray
Co-Founder and Executive Director
People over Plastic
Connie Cho
Communities for a Better Environment
Christine Cordero
Asian Pacific Environmental Network
Marilyn Cornelius
Alchemus Prime
Joseph Cureton
Chief Coordinating Officer and Co-Founder
Obran Cooperative
Cynthia Daley
Founder and Director
Center for Regenerative Agriculture and Resilient Systems at California State University Chico
Eriel Tchekwie Deranger
Executive Director
Indigenous Climate Action
Amber Deylon
Grieve and Breathe
Amira Diamond
Co-Founder and Co-Director
Women's Earth Alliance (WEA)
Brock Dolman
OAEC's WATER Institute
PennElys Droz
Program Officer
NDN Collective
Tenesha Duncan
Co-Founder and Managing Director
Orchid Capital
Amikaeyla Gaston
Founder and Executive Director
International Cultural Arts & Healing Sciences Institute (ICAHSI)
Ana Paula Vargas
Brazil Program Director
Amazon Watch
Andrea Kealoha
University of Hawaii Mānoa
Andri Snær Magnason
Writer and Filmmaker
Briana Sidney

Cooperation Richmond
Bryan Vega
Program Associate
New Energy Nexus
Cara Romero
Program Director of the Indigeneity Program
Cari Herthel
Vice Chair
Esselen Tribe
Christie Lacoban

United Houma Nation
Cindy Cohn
Executive Director
Electronic Frontier Foundation
DJ Cavem
Rapper, Educator and Vegan Chef
Eric Terena
Midia India
Gopal Dayaneni
Movement Generation Justice & Ecology Project
Gregg Castro
Culture Director
Association of Ramaytush Ohlone
Hilary Abell
Co-founder, Chief Policy & Impact Officer
Project Equity
Isaac Kinney
Yurok Tribal Citizen
Jesus Arguelles
Economic Development Director
Torres Martinez Desert Cahuilla Indians
Jodie Geddes
Healing Circles Manager
Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth (RJOY)
Joe Sweeney
Undergraduate Student
UC Davis
Julianna Horcasitas
Bay Peace: Better Alternatives for Youth
justine epstein
Ancestors & Money coaching cohort
Kate Golden
Science Journalist and Artist
Kawenniiosta Jock
Waterfall Unity Alliance
Kayla Douglass
Co-Coordinator of the Bioneers Youth Leadership and Education Program
Weaving Earth Center for Relational Education
Keenan Norris
Novelist, Essayist and Scholar
Kellen Klein
Community Building Expert
Kenny Ausubel
CEO and Founder
Kiki Jordan
Midwife and Founder
Laleh Khadivi
Writer and Filmmaker
Luca Belli
UC Berkeley Tech Policy Fellow
Manaia Taula-Lieras
Youth Ambassador
Sacramento Native American Health Center
Manny Lieras
Title VI Indian Education Coordinator
Oakland Unified School District
Meredith Williams
California Department of Toxic Substances Control
Mia Andler
Founder and Executive Director
Michelle Lute
Carnivore Conservation Director
Project Coyote
Myra Estrada
Poet and Activist
Nikki Silvestri
Founder and CEO
Soil and Shadow, LLC
Priscila Tapajowara
Indigenous Rights and Climate Activist
Rajasvini Bhansali
Executive Director
Solidaire Network
Randima Fernando
Center for Humane Technology
Rashidi Omari
Performing Arts Director
Destiny Arts Center
Rebecca Lee
Managing Director of California
New Energy Nexus
RJOY Youth Program
Youth Program
Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth (RJOY)
Sam Burris-Debosky
Village Farm at Stanley
Sam Martinez
Community Organizer
Samuel Gensaw
Founding Director
Ancestral Guard
Teo Grossman
Senior Director of Programs and Research
Will Scott
Co-Founder and Facilitator
Weaving Earth Center for Relational Education
Chad Dyer
Full Spectrum Capital
Ashara Ekundayo
Founder and Director
Artist As First Responder
Lupe Romero Elicea
Climate Justice Alliance’s Just Transition Revolving Loan Fund & Incubator
Benjamin Fahrer
Director of Agroecology and Land Stewardship
Deep Medicine Circle
Kiana Frank
Assistant Professor in the Pacific Biosciences Research Center
University of Hawaii, Mānoa
Humaira Ghilzai
Afghan Friends Network
Hilary Giovale
Community Organizer
Michaelle Goerlitz
Percussionist and Drummer
Britt Gondolfi
Law Student and Community Organizer
Damien Goodmon
Downtown Crenshaw Rising
Corrina Gould
Sogorea Te’ Land Trust
Danielle Hill Greendeer
Writer, Farmer, Crafter, Dancer and Artist
Stephanie Gripne
Founder and CEO
Impact Finance Center
Cynthia Gutierrez
Program Manager
UCSF's Hub of Positive Reproductive and Sexual Health (HIVE) and Team Lily programs
Dave Hage
Weaving Earth Center for Relational Education
Jan Hania
Principal of Strategy Development
Biome Trust
Lara Hania
Educator and Facilitator
J.P. Harpignies
Senior Producer
Julia Hillengas
Executive Director
Jada Imani
Hip-Hop and R&B Artist
Taj James
Co-Founder and Curator
Full Spectrum Labs
Claudia Jimenez
Richmond City Council
Kritee Kanko
Climate Scientist, Buddhist Zen Priest and Grief Ritual Facilitator
Birgitta Kastenbaum
Bridging Transitions
William Keepin
Gender Equity and Reconciliation International (GERI)
Brett KenCairn
Senior Policy Advisor for Climate and Resilience
City of Boulder
Jahan Khalighi
Director of Programs
Chapter 510
Osprey Orielle Lake
Founder and Executive Director
Women's Earth and Climate Action Network (WECAN) International
Tim LaSalle
Center for Regenerative Agriculture and Resilient Systems at California State University Chico
Alexia Leclercq
Amy Lenzo
Carlee Loft
Youth Engagement Coordinator
Kahnawake Collective Impact
Indra Lusero
Elephant Circle
Andrew MacDonald
Youth Chairman
Esselen Tribe
Brandi Mack
National Director
The Butterfly Movement
Adam Mahoney
National Climate and Environment Reporter
Capital B News
Samira Malone
The Cleveland Tree Coalition
Arty Mangan
Restorative Food Systems Director
Laurie Marshall
Unity Through Creativity Foundation and the Singing Tree Project
Ginny McGinn
Executive Director
Center for Whole Communities
Maureen Nandini Mitra
Earth Island Journal
Minoo Moallem
Gender & Women's Studies Professor and Director of Media Studies
UC Berkeley
Rachel Morello-Frosch
UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health
KT Morelli
Campaign Organizer
Breathe Free Detroit
Ladybird Morgan
Palliative Care Consultant
Mettle Health
Tom Little Bear Nason
Tribal Chairman
Esselen Tribe of Monterey County
Jason Nious
Founder and Director
Loa Niumeitolu
Spirit Root Medicine People
Madeline Ostrander
Climate Journalist and Author
Peter Pham
2021 Brower Youth Award Winner
John Christian Phifer
Larkspur Conservation
David Phillips
Director of the International Marine Mammal Project
Earth Island Institute
Christian Poirier
Program Director
Amazon Watch
Leslie Rein
Singing Tree Project
Jorge Rico
Gender Equity and Reconciliation International
Chelsea Robinson
Chief Operating Officer
Open Lunar Foundation
Doria Robinson
Urban Tilth
Heidi Honegger Rogers
Associate Professor
University of New Mexico (UNM) College of Nursing
Lawrence Rosenthal
Berkeley Center for Right-Wing Studies
Kristin Rothballer
Senior Fellow
Center for Whole Communities
Carl Safina
Founding President
Safina Center
Leila Salazar-López
Executive Director
Amazon Watch
Zainab Salbi
Daughters for Earth
Anita Sanchez
Author, Consultant and Trainer
Elizabeth Sayre
Percussionist, Hand Drummer and Educator
David Shaw
Santa Cruz Permaculture and the UCSC Right Livelihood College
De-Ann Sheppard
Assistant Professor of Nursing
St. Francis Xavier University
Nina Simons
Co-Founder and Chief Relationship Strategist
James Skeet
Covenant Pathways
Samantha Skenandore
Quarles & Brady LLP
Minkah Smith
California Farmer Justice Collaborative
Najari Smith
Rich City Rides
David Solnit
Organizer and Author
Climate Justice Arts Project
Katrina Spade
Founder and CEO
Mar Stevens
Drummer and Teacher
Jerry Tello
Director of Training and Capacity Building
National Compadres Network
Craig Tucker
Founder and Principal
Suits and Signs Consulting
Alexandria Villaseñor
Earth Uprising International
Tamisha Torres-Walker
Executive Director
Safe Return Project
Alice Waters
Chef, Restaurateur and Author
Chez Panisse
Leseliey Welch
Birth Detroit and Birth Center Equity
Amos White
Founder and Chief Planting Officer
100K Trees for Humanity
Loren White, Jr.
Community Development Coordinator
Indigenous Environmental Network
Akaya Windwood
Lead Advisor
Third Act
Justin Winters
One Earth
Co-Founder and Executive Director
Musical Ensemble
Bioneers 2023 Conference - Revolution from the Heart of Nature
Bioneers 2023 Conference - Revolution from the Heart of Nature