Panel: Democracy for the First Time

In the words of the great climate scientist James Hansen “We can’t fix the climate until we fix our democracy.” That does not mean, however, a return to some mythical past, but taking a large step toward democratizing society and organizing governance according to the “original instructions” drawn from the best practices of earlier systems and of our own most compelling visions of the future. The Haudenosaunee (Six Nation Iroquois Confederacy) is one example of effective democratic governance. Franklin Roosevelt’s proposal for a “Second Bill of Rights” (1944) is another, one adapted to industrial democracy. We do not lack for powerful ideas and practical examples, but fulfilling the promise of democracy in our time will require systemic changes that: (a) serve the public good, not the interests of the powerful and wealthy; (b) render the economy subservient to society, not its master; and (c) extend unalienable rights and due process of law to future generations and nature. Hosted by Monika Bauerlein, Co-Editor of Mother Jones. With:  David Orr, founder of the State of American Democracy Project; Oren Lyons, Faithkeeper of the Onandaga nation, Haudenosaunee; Maine State Senator Chloe Maxmin.

December 5th | 12:30 pm to 1:45 pm

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David Orr
Professor of Environmental Studies and Politics (Emeritus)
Oberlin College
Monika Bauerlein
Mother Jones
Oren Lyons
Onandaga Nation, Haudenosaunee
Chloe Maxmin
State Senator
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Bioneers 2020 Conference - Beyond the Great Unraveling: Weaving the World Anew