Special Screening of Changing of the Gods

Bioneers co-founder Kenny Ausubel will host 2 separate, special Bioneers-only screenings of several episodes of his newly premiered 10-episode series, Changing of the Gods. This truly unique film looks at epic cycles of social upheaval over the centuries and explores surprising, seemingly synchronistic correlations between periods of intense rebellion and radical social transformation in human history and certain planetary alignments. The film raises profound, fundamental questions: Do we live in a conscious cosmos? Which revolutionary impulses are being triggered at the moment and what is their impact going to be? And where do we currently stand in the grand sweep of these historical cycles? Kenny and guests will be on hand to introduce the episodes and to answer questions.

Marina Theater

May 15th | 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm


Kenny Ausubel
CEO and Founder
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Bioneers 2022 Conference - A Window Through