Theme: Ecological Medicine

Thursday, November 11th

Trauma has perhaps never been more widely prevalent than it is now, nor more varied in its causes: personal stress, familial history, racial discrimination, poverty, oppression, climate disaster, etc. These times are really stretching our capacity to endure, so they require ever more effective healing and self-care modalities that include the taking of our personal inventory and adjusting our beliefs and lifestyles. Join two master Somatics practitioners and teachers as they share insights and explain their methods. With: Dr. Ruby Gibson (Lakota, Ojibwe, Mediterranean), author, educator and healer, co-founder and Executive Director of Freedom Lodge; and Staci K. Haines, educator, advocate, healer, co-founder of Generative Somatics and author of The Politics of Trauma.

November 11th | 12:45 pm to 2:00 pm



Staci K. Haines
Generative Somatics
Ruby Gibson
Executive Director
Freedom Lodge

Friday, November 12th

The way in which we diagnose problems in our bodies, in society and in our ecosystems is hampered by legacies of overly reductionist thinking, racist world-views and misguided desires to subdue nature, all conceived in a time of colonial conquest. These continue to persist, to our great detriment. What results is an inability to see how “whole systems” interact and how to effectively address the challenges we face, from pandemics to climate change, which are systems-level derangements. Physician, musician, activist and writer Rupa Marya will describe what “Deep Medicine” is and how the new level of diagnosis it offers can address the suffering of our planet, our societies and our own bodies. Drawing from insights in science, medicine, ecology, and story detailed in the book she co-authored with Raj Patel—Inflamed: Deep Medicine and the Anatomy of Injustice—Dr. Marya will outline why it is time for us all to join the Care Revolution.

November 12th | 10:49 am to 11:06 am



Rupa Marya
Faculty Director
Do No Harm Coalition