Theme: Gender Issues

Sunday, December 6th

A world where humans live in right relationship with each other and the planet is possible, but only if we dismantle the interlocking forces of patriarchy, white supremacy, colonialism and extractive capitalism. It’s daunting work. There is no shortcut, and we’re running out of time. Thankfully the people living at the sharpest crosshairs of these forces – women of color and transgender people of color – have a unique insight into how to do this, if we would only listen to them. Women of color, and Black women in particular, are the most progressive voting block in the U.S. and the catalyst for the boldest movements of our time – from #metoo, to #blacklivesmatter, to the largest protest movement in the history of the country witnessed in this summer’s uprisings. What can we learn from the light they are shining on the path to freedom for all people? And how can philanthropy support their efforts? 

December 6th | 11:32 am to 11:47 am



Vanessa Daniel
Executive Director
Groundswell Fund