Transforming the Food System

The world faces a confluence of crises—climate disruption, resource depletion, loss of biodiversity, food insecurity, seed industry consolidation, dying oceans. Fixing the global food system would make one of the most significant contributions to mitigating many of those calamities. A truly stellar, eclectic group of food systems thought leaders/activists/innovators will share creative responses to transforming the food system so that it genuinely serves people and the planet. Hosted by Arty Mangan, Director of Bioneers’ Restorative Food Systems Program. With: Gary Nabhan, author, researcher, professor, farmer, genius, one of our era’s greatest agricultural ecologists and ethnobotanists; Karen Washington, co-owner of NYC’s Rise and Root Farm, one of the nation’s legendary pioneers of urban farming; Severine von Tscharner Fleming, Director of Greenhorns, founding Board President of the Agrarian Trust, one of the nation’s leading advocates and activists for young farmers; Naomi Starkman, founder and the editor-in-chief of Civil Eats.

Sausalito Room

October 19th | 2:45 pm to 4:15 pm


Introduced by

Arty Mangan
Restorative Food Systems Director


Gary Nabhan
W.K. Kellogg Endowed Chair in Sustainable Food Systems
University of Arizona
Karen Washington
Rise & Root Farm
Severine von Tscharner Fleming
Executive Director
Naomi Starkman
Founder and Editor-in-Chief
Civil Eats
Bioneers 2019 Conference - Seeding the Field: Growing Transformative Movements