Truthworker Theatre Company: Artists as Activists and Healers

Come join Samara Gaev and members of the Truthworker Theatre Company in a dynamic, interactive workshop that will call upon modalities of theater, writing, storytelling and collaboration to unpack pressing issues in our communities, including: trauma, healing, power, privilege, inequity and social justice. Drawing from Augusto Boal’s renowned “Theatre of the Oppressed” pedagogy, the workshop will offer community members, educators, activists, and organizers tools for leveraging stories that so often go untold, as well as tools for engaging their constituencies. Sourcing the collective wisdom in the room, we will creatively cultivate a brave space for radical self reflection, testimony, systems analysis, community building, and the articulation of our visions for change. Truthworker Theatre Company will also be catalyzing this workshop with an original performance excerpted from their provocative trilogy, which depicts the prison industrial complex through the lens of a dozen youth directly impacted by mass incarceration.

Youth Unity Center

May 13th | 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm


Samara Gaev
Founder and Artistic Director
Truthworker Theatre Company
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