Truthworker Theatre Company Presents: RE:FRAMED / FOR:GIVEN / RE:MEMBERED

A Special Lunchtime Performance

Truthworker Theatre Company, directed by Samara Gaev, uses rhyme, hip-hop theater, dance, multimedia, cutting edge technology, and personal testimony to raise awareness and inspire deeper critical engagement. In this special performance for Bioneers, the company will perform excerpts from its provocative trilogy that depicts the prison industrial complex through the lens of a dozen youth directly impacted by mass incarceration, viscerally engaging with such themes as the school-to-prison pipeline, youth criminalization, the impacts of solitary confinement, and the challenges of re-entry into society. Truthworker’s deeply personal performances center redemption, forgiveness, and responsibility to humanize those most negatively impacted by systemically unjust and racist policies.

Marina Theater

May 14th | 1:30 pm to 2:00 pm


Samara Gaev
Founder and Artistic Director
Truthworker Theatre Company
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