We The People: Co-Operative Ownership for the 21st Century

How can we transform our economic system into one that doesn’t result in massive inequality and catastrophic environmental degradation? Leading figures in developing more humane, sustainable and resilient ownership structures, including cooperatives, value-driven trusts, and hybrid models, will discuss new and old ideas, share their experiences about what’s working and what isn’t, and explore how to accelerate the changes our economies and ecosystems so desperately need. Hosted by Theresa Marquez, former Chief Marketing Executive, Organic Valley Cooperative. With: Hilary Abell, Project Equity; Camille Canon, Purpose; Keith Taylor, UC Davis Cooperative Extension; Frank Mason, Arizmendi San Rafael Cooperative.

Sausalito Room

October 19th | 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm



Camille Canon
Purpose US
Keith Taylor
Community Economic Development
UC Davis
Hilary Abell
Project Equity
Frank Mason
Arizmendi Bakery Cooperative
Bioneers 2019 Conference - Seeding the Field: Growing Transformative Movements