Bioneers 2024 Conference

Charlotte Michaluk – Sailing into the Future: Weaving Tradition and Modernity

What can fiber arts and rotor sails have in common? How can we create sustainable technologies that can be implemented in the near future while balancing interests of profit with public health and climate change mitigation? Charlotte Lenore Michaluk, an extraordinary 17-year-old scientist, researcher, biomimetic inventor and passionate eco-activist and conservationist shares her hopeful vision informed by a deep respect of the natural world and powered by brilliant, clean green technologies. Pulling insight from her experiences ranging from cargo ship systems to a novel constructed writing script for greater freedom of expression, she will share the possibilities unleashed by an interdisciplinary mode of thinking that leverages common ground and societal and technological inertia.

Zellerbach Hall


March 30th | 10:09 am to 10:20 am


Charlotte Michaluk – Youth Keynote
Engineer, Scientist and Linguistics Researcher
Acnestis By Wind