Bioneers 2024 Conference

Stacy Mitchell – Democracy vs. Big Tech: How We Can Win the Fight Against Monopoly Power

Introduction by Kenny Ausubel, Bioneers Co-Founder and CEO

Most of us would like to live in a society accountable to people and the planet, one in which we exercise genuine agency over our lives and have a real say in the decisions that affect our communities, but the dramatic increase in corporate domination, especially the rise of giant tech companies that wield unprecedented levels of surveillance and control, is radically undermining our democracy and concentrating wealth and power in fewer and fewer hands. Stacy Mitchell, who has long been at the forefront of the national movement to rein in excessive corporate power and reinvigorate local self-reliance, is here to tell us that, as powerful as these immense companies and their political allies may seem, they’ve finally met their match. A broad grassroots alliance, together with a new generation of creative government leaders, is bringing long-dormant anti-monopoly laws and strategies back to life. This promising turn of events, Stacy will explain, offers hope for reclaiming our rights and assuring a far more equitable and greener future.

Zellerbach Hall


March 29th | 10:08 am to 10:30 am


Stacy Mitchell
Co-Executive Director
Institute for Local Self-Reliance

Introduced by

Kenny Ausubel
CEO and Co-Founder